SMGL-24784 14 pc Award Document & letter set for SS Totenkopf & Viking infantry reg. 3 w/ EICKE signature!


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A superior and rare SS Totenkopf & Viking award and letter grouping! The Grouping was awarded to Albin Luptoitz. Included is a provisional Ost medal document with pen signature from SS Undtersturmfuhrer, Ost Medal Award document with pen signature from SS Hauptsturmfuhrer, A recommendation memo for Infantry Assault badge, what looks like a recommendation or approval for a wound badge signed in pen by SS officer, memo regarding a lost saving book, A “Testimony” paper that is hard to read signed in pen by SS Hauptsturmf?hrer, A fascinating 12/1944 letter to Panzer Regiment 5 “Wiking” about the struggles in the up coming time ahead (a moral booster if you will) signed in pen by SS Obersturmfuhrer, award document for a Panzer assault badge in bronze signed in pen by SS Obersturmfuhrer, a neat certificate stating that Luptowicz was authorized to carry a pistol on and off duty, A memo about a photograph that he was sending home, a Demjanskschild recommendation letter signed in pen by SS Oberscharfuhrer, A letter stating that Luptowics will receive 2 Demjanskischilds and award document singed by SS hauptsturmfuhrer, His Demjanskschild Award document with ink stamp general der infanterie stamp and pen signature from another SS officer and finally, Luptowics’ award document for iron cross second class signed in pen by SS Obergruppenfuhrer und General Der Waffen SS Theodor Eicke!! This signature alone is super desirable! All signatures are guaranteed authentic.

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