SMGL-2526 M16/17 Transitional Single decal Heer Helmet, previously a double decal


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A stunning WW1 M16/M17 converted for Wehrmacht use. This was originally a double decal that had the tri color shield carefully scraped off in order to comply with the 1940 order to remove the tri color from helmets. You can easily see remnants of the tri color. This is a size 64 with a tight fitting liner and all original parts. The original owner did, at some point remove the liner to “look for marks”. So you will see some minor blemishes from this effort. The leather is soft but does show its age and is a little flaky. The chin strap is still soft enough to be functional as well. The reissue paint job looks great with some chips but no major dents or bad rust. You can easily see the original WW1 issue paint underneath the textured reissue paint. The decal, for lack of a better description, kicks ass. It is one of the best preserved eagles I have ever seen on a transitional. This is a fantastic displaying helmet that you will be happy with for years to come!

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