SMGL-2608 Heer dagger by Horster or Holler


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This dagger has some condition issues but I think you will find the price is accommodating. The cross guard is an aluminum style which is heavily worn. To be honest, it’s not easy to tell the maker due to the wear. To me, it looks like a third style Horster guard or a late Holler, especially when examining the pommel in conjunction with the guard. The blade is a plain variety with no maker mark. The blade appears to have been polished at some point after the war. The scabbard is a late generic style. The grip is the solid celluloid type and is a perfect fit to the pommel and ferrule, insuring that this is an original build. The grip does show some damage with some type of filler that was used to try and mask up the damage. The damage is perfectly covered by a properly tied portepee. So, overall its looks like a later production well worn Horster/Holler dagger. Its not a bad “first” army dagger for someone just starting their collection.

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