SMGL-2609 Partial Ground Rohm SA Dagger by Eickhorn


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A super rare partial Rohm dagger here! If you aren’t familiar, Rohm inscription daggers would fully read ” In Herzlicher Freundschaft Ernst Rohm” Which translates to “In Cordial Friendship Ernst Rohm”. These daggers are considered special honor daggers that were instituted to SA members who served prior to 1931. After the Rohm Purge and his death, all SA/SS members where ordered to remove his name from their daggers. This resulted in many thousands of SA daggers having the inscription removed completely with only a few daggers known with the complete inscription remaining. Partial or “name only” removals pop up here and there but are still very seldom seen. These daggers have the maker trademark sitting closer to the guard to accommodate for the length of the inscription.
This particular dagger has a hastily filed off inscription. You can just imagine a SA man sweating bullets as his peers tell him he is going to go to jail if he doesn’t file off the name ASAP! You can see parts of the Rohm signature still present very easily. The Eickhorn logo is the early double oval style and the cross guards are correctly stamped “NS” which was one of the areas Eickhorn was responsible for sending Rohm Inscription daggers to. The scabbard is the early anodized style with a freshly repaired lower fitting ball end. You will notice the lower fitting will be a little brighter then the upper fitting, however, it will oxidize to match in time. The grip has the expected early nickel eagle and the SA ruin is in great shape. There are no unsightly turn marks on the pommel nut. Overall, I think this is a fine addition to any SA collection and would be great lined up next to a full grind and a full inscription Rohm.

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