SMGL-2610 Klittermann & Moog Exclamation point SS dagger, W Serial # and Vert hanger


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Well boys and girls, this is a nice dagger with all the bells and whistles! These exclamation point daggers are very rare and are thought to be made for some special event since they seem to all be made during the same time period. This one has a good blade with no major issues outside of some average wear and slight metal aging. The blade has not been touched at all. The upper and lower guards are in good condition as they are solid nickel silver as you would expect on these exclamation point daggers. They have been un cleaned and it’s up to the new owner if they want to keep it that way. There are no roman numerals stamped on the lower guard which again, is what we have come to expect with these. What is super excellent about this one is that the owners serial number was added to the guard close to the blade. The scabbard will cover the serial number when the dagger is sheathed. I think this is a really professional way of adding the owners serial number and part of me wishes this was a standard practice. The grip does show some chipping on both sides. While significant, I think they add to the character of the piece and there is no risk of further damage if the dagger is handled properly. the nickel eagle looks great. The SS ruin shows some minor enamel chipping. The pommel nut is finger tight and shows no signs of being monkied with by some clown with a set of vise grips. The scabbard is the painted style which we normally see with these since they are more of a mid period dagger. What I find fascinating about this scabbard is that the black seems to fade to brown. I think what we are actually looking at here is a scabbard that was originally SA brown but then lightly sprayed with black at the factory to fulfill the contract for SS daggers. The black paint is so thin and blends so perfectly with the brown, it’s impossible that this was done post war. The Lower ball end was recently repaired by cutting the smashed ball end off, rounding it back out and braising it back on. You can still see some slight irregularity to the shape, but it’s way better then it was. You wouldn’t even know that it was repaired if I didn’t mention it! The lower fitting is a little brighter then the top fitting but in time the lower one will take on the classic yellow green patina. The top fitting is loaded with verdigris which we see more prolific in examples that have leather in direct contact with copper alloys like German silver. Again, it’s up to the new owner if they want to remove the green verdigris. To top it all off we have a RZM SS marked vertical hanger with a nice earlier style nickel clip by Assmann. Even the hanger seems to be a mid period transitional piece, so i have no doubt that this hanger is the original one that came with this dagger. So, if you have been wanting to add an exclamation point dagger to your collection this is a fantastic and i think reasonably priced example.

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