SMGL-2649 Transitional Double proofed SA Dagger by Puma


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A really nice transitional with a very desirable double proof mark. This time period we saw makers utilizing their RZM codes but not giving up their logos quite yet. Often, during this time period, you will find daggers with a mix of early style and late style parts. This dagger is almost all late period parts with the exception of the lower scabbard fitting, grip eagle and the hanger loop, which are nickel. The remaining parts are nickel plated, the guards of zinc and the upper scabbard fitting of steel. The paint job on this scabbard is nearly perfect and is a real looker. The grip is a knock out as well, being the expected late model contour with a gorgeous cherry stain. The guards do show some chrome lifting. We hit it with some renaissance wax to keep it from worsening. The blade shows some hazy areas witch can be attributed to a light oxidation from years of storage and no metal preservative. There are no major dings or pitting in the blade. The Puma logo is looking good as we would expect. Puma SA daggers are always a nice find and this maker in general seems to be a favorite with collectors due to the logo. Overall, if you are looking for a nice transitional to add to your collection, or you just love collecting Puma blades, this is an excellent choice.

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