SMGL-2650 Personalized Army Dagger by Eickhorn


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This dagger is bit of a tricky one. It appears to have a super early Eickhorn cross guard with a later produced Eickhorn blade and likely a replacement scabbard as well. The fittings are actually aluminum which is pretty rare to see but they do show up from time to time. They were then silver plated and we can see regular wear patterns to the finish. I’m assuming due to the early style fittings and heavy wear that the blade was in bad shape so it was upgrade for a mint condition later produced piece. The scabbard seems to be an Alcoso replacement and is in very nice condition overall. Upon taking the dagger down for inspection we can see a minor repair to the solid celluloid grip. It seems the grip under the ferrule cracked slightly and the piece that shipped off was glued back in place. This repair is impossible to see unless you take the dagger down for inspection and does not effect the overall structural integrity of the piece. So, these reasons keep this dagger from pricing much higher. You wind up getting an uncommon personalized dagger with a mint blade for the cost of a regular average conditioned dagger.

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