SMGL-2758 56″x48″ GDAO Standarte


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WOW! Now this is an impressive flag! This Standarte is from the city of Hildesheim. You may be wondering “What the hell is the GDAO?” In short, this organization was for surviving workers of industrial accidents. It’s crazy to think about how common accents must have been for there to be a big enough need for such an organization! Collecting GDAO items is very challenging since the organization was rather small and I’m sure varied in members from city to city. We have has some GDAO member pins in the past but not much else. Needless to say, an item like this would be the pinnacle of a GDAO collection. This flag is impressively made with silver colored celluloid fringe that is in perfect condition. The flag is double sided with a sperate center roundel sewn on each side. The GDAO emblem is easily one of the most impressive and well thought out designs of the third Reich in my opinion. It jumps out at you! The GDAO roundels are expertly silk screened by a firm with a high degree of precision. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better work on a 3rd Reich silk screened flag or banner. The red base flag has some mothing you can see through out, but it doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the flag. There is also a darkening to the fabric which i cant really figure out what happened. It’s noticeable but I don’t think distracts from the impressiveness of this piece. It has seven original clips that are in great shape. Many time these larger flags will be missing a few of these. There is also a safety pin with some sort of tag/item number. the original owner said it was a family vet bring back so based on the lack of wear to the piece, it is possible this was some sort of factory item tag and the flag never really even got used. Or, it could just be a bunch of crap and this is a tag from an auction house in the US. You can decide that for yourself. If you are a flag guy and want something AWESOME then this is a great item to consider.

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