SMGL-2759 42″x32″ Gold Border Podium Banner *SOLD


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Ever seen one of these before?!?! Well, it’s awesome! You have likely seen fake version of this with bright yellow borders and possibly assumed that real ones didn’t even exist! This is the first one we have had to offer and it is sure to please! The banner is single sided as all podium banners are. The center roundel is multi piece construction which makes sense for a leader banner such as this (better quality). The gold border is actually made out of a 23mm ribbon that is made out of about 30 strands of flat brass! Super cool material and I bet at the time it was very expensive to make this banner. there is some minor soiling and a few holes but nothing crazy. The banner can be steamed to take out the wrinkles, but due to the nature of brass, the gold boarder will always have creases in it. Don’t wait on this if you like it, because you may not see another one like it for years!

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