SMGL-2851 4 year Service Award signed by Luftwaffe General Hellmuth Bieneck German Cross in silver winner


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Luftwaffe Generals’ Signature seem to be hard to come by. This guy had a serious command during the evasion of Poland and retired before wars end.


“In the course of the general mobilization , on August 25, 1939, Bieneck was appointed commander of the air force in Army Group C , which was entrusted with security tasks during the attack on Poland on the western border with France . On October 25, 1939, Bieneck was detached from this Army Group and appointed Commander of the Air Force in Army Group B , from which he, however, left at the end of the year. Promoted to Lieutenant General on January 1, 1940 , Bieneck acted as commander of the higher air force schools until February 16, 1941. On February 17, 1941, he became the commanding general and commanderappointed in Luftgau II Posen , in whose position he was promoted to General of the Airmen on July 1, 1941 . [4] On January 15, 1943, the Luftgau was dissolved and Bieneck was transferred to the Führerreserve by the end of July 1943 . From March 10 to April 6, 1943, he was posted to the Bordighera Air Force Recreation Center . On July 26, 1943, he was also awarded the German Silver Cross here. On August 1, 1943, Bieneck was assigned to the service area of ​​Luftgau Command I in Königsberg , where he was appointed Commanding General and Commander of this Luftgau Command on August 16, 1943. [5]On August 9, 1944, Bieneck resigned from this position and rejoined the Führerreserve. On December 31, 1944 he was released from military service . A prisoner of war did not follow after the end of the war.”  from :

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