SMGL-2852 12 year Service Award signed by Lieutenant General Hans Windeck


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Signed as a Colonel, rose to Lieutenant General, Well decorated, but no major Nazi Awards



“After the proclamation of military sovereignty , he was accepted into the Wehrmacht as a lieutenant colonel in 1935 and served first as a battalion commander in the Paderborn infantry regiment (later: Infantry Regiment 18 ), then as deputy regiment commander in Detmold . On April 20, 1936 he was promoted to colonel and took over the 58th Infantry Regiment of the 6th Infantry Division in Herford on January 18, 1937 , which he also led in the first missions of the Second World War in the west. From November 1939 he was commissioned to set up the 198th Infantry Division ; then he became the commandant of Kalischappointed, he was relieved of this post at his own request and in February was given the command of Division No. 402 . On March 16, 1940, he was appointed major general. On June 20, he took over the 152nd Division in Stettin and was promoted to Lieutenant General on March 16, 1942. When he was transferred on March 13, 1944, as commander of the V. 540 division in Brno , he was Commander-in-Chief of Moravia . On March 31, 1945, he moved to Prague as General e.g. V. (Deputy) of the Wehrmacht Plenipotentiary in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moraviaand in this function headed after his superior left on 8/9. May the withdrawal of German troops and refugees from Prague to Pilsen .

Release certificate from American captivity

post war period

On May 9, 1945, Windeck went into American captivity in Pilsen , from which he was released on June 5, 1947 to join his family in Herford after spending time in the Landshut , Dachau and General Camp Garmisch-Partenkirchen . At first it was under the supervision of the British occupying forces. He learned the trade of a businessman and worked as a sales representative for the numerous furniture factories in and around Herford.

He was a co-founder and long-time chairman of the Association of German Soldiers (VdS) in Herford; he was also part of the city council for the FDP .

Overview of the promotions



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