SMGM-0084 Luftwaffe nickeled steel buckle


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So at first, I thought this was some kind of reproduction because it kind of looked like brass. Then, the ol’ magnet came to the party and told me this thing has a steel base metal! Whoa! So upon closer look, It is nickel plated steel and the nickel has aged with a golden platinization, much like the fittings on an early SA dagger! Now, on top of this unusual find, it was also painted a dark Grey Blue or “blau/grau”. So, the history of this buckle must be heavy. Started life as a nice shiny nickel-plated buckle for more dress occasions and at some point, was painted for field use. Then, the paint mostly removed and likely repolished again to a shine, only for the oxidation process of the nickel to fade it back to a yellow again! lol Wow!  Pretty neat! Not something you see all the time!

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