SMGM-3186 10 jahrige wiederkehr des gautages berlin SS/SA Tinnie


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Hard to find and of course, desirable. Stamped brass. These have been controversial lately due to a flood of fakes that are available on other sites. The fakes have very different dies from this version.  Over embellished features, sometimes coffin pin attachments and a long feather on the back of the head. There seems to be an unjustified rumor going around that no date (Berlin) is bad and date (Limburg) is good. So people are saying “well it doesn’t have the same eagle or oak leaves as the Limburg so it must be bad”. Obviously a totally different die is used compared to the dated Limburg version.  I discussed this tinnie with Joe Cassidy and i think we are on the same page that it is a good badge but with the controversy, it has to be sold with these concerns being out in the air. If it’s for you, great. If not, that’s fine but shoot me an email if you have any knowledge as to why, because so far, I’ve not found anything that suggests otherwise.

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