SMGP-1122 Karl-Heinz Lichte Display (signature)


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This is a handsome newly made display with a genuine Signature from Karl-Heinz Lichte. The cross and cuff title are good quality reproductions. A nice item for the SS collector.

Karl Heinz Lichte (28 August 1920, 24 January 2005) was a Hauptsturmfuhrer (Captain) in the Waffen-SS during World War II who was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.
Karl Heinz Lichte was awarded the Knight’s Cross while in command of the 5th Company, 5th SS Panzer Regiment, 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking on the 6 May 1945.[1][Note 1] The award was for his actions during the battle for Budapest in January 1945 and the support he gave to the assaulting Division. He advanced  with his company into the Soviet flank, destroying 40 guns and 6 tanks without loss to his own force.

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