SMGP-1226 Original WAVES Poster 42×28 1943


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Original World War 2 poster. There’s a man-size job for you in the navy. Enlist in the WAVES. Apply to your nearest Navy recruiting station or office of naval offer procurement. Order no. 22. NRB-35526–4-43-60M. This original poster features a wave in dress blues with a back ground of navy ships; aircraft and bombs bursting in air.

This poster is not linen backed, and I would recommend that you do have it done so that you can protect it and more easily display it. It will come rolled, as we acquired it. A good frame show will be able to frame it as is, but it won’t lay as flat.

This poster has some creases through out, but the heaviest creases are on the bottom and left corner. It will still display very nicely with these present. You can find this poster for almost $900 linen backed!

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