SMGP-228 Army Officers Dove head sword by Horster *SOLD


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We recently rescued this piece and brought it back to life. It was found in a garage and was in real bad shape. It was heavily oxidized, and there was paint spelt all over it. There comes some times when you have to make the call, better to fix it or leave as is? I believe this one was so bad it had to be restored. So, i hope you can appreciate the current condition as much as i can. These Horsters are nice because they are high quality solid brass. That allowed us to remove the paint and carefully bring the brass back to life without making it look like it was produced yesterday. You can see some nice patina in the recesses and the usual dings and some light oxidation places. The original gilding over the brass is long lost to time and the conditions it was stored in. The brass will darken in time unless you hit it with a cloth every so often. The blade is in amazing, fantastic shape, mostly due to the protective anti corrosion properties of the chrome finish. The scabbard remains untouched, we only hit it with a light oil to prevent further oxidation. It may be a candidate for a repaint, at the new owners discretion. A very high quality sword at a very low quality price!

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