SMGP-229 Army Officers Panther Head model 1695 by Eickhorn *SOLD


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These 1695 patterns are really pretty and tough to find with their gilding anywhere near 100%. The zinc alloy base metal lends to the finish problems. This one has some of the typical finish issues you would expect. Under the lower hilt is stamped Ges Gesch as was typical with this pattern. Eickhorn really did a good job with these, outside of the zinc. The celluloid grip is gorgeous in a nice tightly wrapped aluminum wire. The blade is a gorgeous nickle plate with no dents, chips or corrosion. The scabbard is dent free and has some corrosion issues at the drag. Possible contender for a repaint. If you find this pattern with perfect gilding, its a $1200 sword! Comes with portepee.

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