SMGP-954 Early SA dagger By Wilh. Wagner Rare Maker *SOLD


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This is a rare dagger rating a 7 out of 10 on the rarity scale. The grip is a gorgeous cherry with minor wear to it as you would expect from the hanger. The fittings are all nickel through out with a proper anodized scabbard. The blade shows signs of oxidation and looks to have been cleaned up a bit. A few dings are also present. The cross guard is the real head scratcher here, being foundry marked “st” and area marked “P” , which I don’t believe I have seen before on this maker. However the blade, grip and cross guard fit are so good, I believe this to be the original piece. Due to the rarity of this maker, I wonder if they were contracted to make for Pommeran area. Another interesting bit is that the firm Wagner and Lange was making daggers for the Pommeran I wonder if they are related in family and perhaps there was some parts sharing to fill massive orders coming in that these smaller firms were having a hard time keeping up with. This dagger also has a nice nickel eagle and original early hanger. The scabbard tip is a bit turned up and loose, indicating to me that it was replaced. I think with some work, the tip could be fitted better as I think its worth saving due to the near perfect ball end.
All in all, a rare dagger, with all kinds of stories behind it.

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