SMGP-955 Heer Dagger By Carl Julius Krebs *SOLD


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This is a real nice dagger by the seldom seen Carl Julius Krebs firm. This maker doesn’t come up often, but when they do, they usually have outstanding chrome blades just as this one. Chrome blades were an added expense so most firms did not do them or even offer the upgrade. The company uses a heavy silver plate which has held up well, save for a few spots on the guard where there appears to have been some wear down to the base metal and then further oxidation. The Grip is solid celluloid and is in near mint condition, showing no cracks or chips. The blade itself is very clean, with no oxidation as you would expect on these chrome blades. There appears to be a tool mark on the blade not far down from the guard. The tip looks to have been slightly bent and then corrected. The firms logo is stamped into the blade as you would expect from this firm. The scabbard is in excellent shape but does show some oxidation the suspension ring bands. The blade tang is marked with the distinctive cross you usually see from this firm.

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