SMGP-958 Late Period SA dagger RZM M7/42 (WKC) *SOLD


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WOW! What a head turner! You have all seen SA daggers in average condition, and the late war ones usually look like crap because the chrome misusing form the zinc fittings. This one is SURE TO PLEASE. It would be a great addition to the type collector looking for a solid example from the WKC firm, or it could be that ONE SA dagger you buy and be done. The blade rates an outstanding 9 out of w0..maybe even a 9.5! With just some light blemishes and runner marks holding it back. The WKC firm, known as a larger firm focusing on army daggers, did not make tone of SA daggers. So finding one in this condition is a SUPER awesome treat! The light brown grip is very handsome, the only draw back is a chip near the eagle (I know I know…it would be a perfect dagger otherwise!). The scabbard is just as good as the rest of the dagger with almost perfect paint save for some small areas with some paint missing. One of the upper scabbard screws is missing. The ball end is perfect! I’m mean this is a tops piece overall…likely not even issued. You will find some fading of the plated fittings, which is part of the package on these late war examples..but this one still looks amazing even with that! I’m telling you, this is a killer piece and not easily upgraded.

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