SMGQ-0014 Lions head Sword Model 119 by Alcoso Possible SS Chromed


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So, this is an interesting sword and Ive never seen anything quite like it. Alcoso did make a silvered version of this pattern for the SS. The ones Ive seen have a silver plate finish and are SS proof marked under the guard. This is NOT silvered, but is chrome plated over a steel guard and hilt. It also has no proof marks other then the normal Alcoso logo on the blade. So what is it intended to be? A special order Heer Sword? Fire officials of some sort? The probability that it was an experimental or short lived SS finish seem very high. There seems to be parts that look yellow especially near the grip…but is this just lacquer that has turned yellow over time? If it is gold, why is there chrome on it it? The chrome, though gone in many places, is quite easy to see in several places. Was Alcoso experimenting with finish applications and they chromed the steel first and then applied the gold finish? Seems like a sure road to failure, I don’t know of anything that bonds easily to chrome. So this sword, although 100% authentic, is being sold with a big question mark over it.

The blade is in great shape with no plat lifting or any damage outside of normal wear. Blade length is just under 34 inches. The scabbard is dent free and appears to have its original paint, though it has worn some and there is light oxidation developing. The celluloid grip is in great shape and the grip wire is super tight. Being made of steel, there really isn’t any damage on the hilt to guard to speak of, just finish wear.


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