SMGQ-0246 Colonial German Elephant order


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The Elephant Order (“Elefantenorden” or more correctly the “Kolonial-Abzeichen“) was instituted by the Minister for Reconstruction in 1921 for all veterans of active service in the colonies in the First World War 1914-18. The award was a round white metal badge worn on the left breast showing an elephant over an oak leaf wreath below the titles “Südsee Afrika Kiautschou“.

The Elephant Order was a semi-official award and although it was often worn on post-war army (“Reichsheer“) uniforms it was not listed in their rank lists. It was however curiously listed in the rank lists of the navy (“Reichsmarine“) of the period.

The badge had to be purchased privately and a few different versions exist. This version is a desirable heavy silvered brass with patent number or “protected by law”
number 33992 which is seen on the majority of marked badges. An impressive award in hand. The collecting community has not been able to date the variants so collecting these is subjective. We only know for sure the crudely made versions are reproductions for sure. This particular example has a unique hardware set up that has not been seen on the earliest badges and is likely a later 3rd Reich produced example, however we really don’t know.

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