SMGQ-0279 State Service Flag 114″x68″


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A real handsome flag! The colors are bright and well defined screen printing. This one was made as a true flag to fly on a pole as we can see from the heavy rope used at the end. I have no doubt that this one was actually up in the air flying over a German building rather than an extra found in a supply depot.  It is a large size but fairly typical for this type of flag. The ends are reinforced as well as the corners just as you would see on a Kreigs flag. It does have a few pin holes around and one significant hole which really isn’t too bad and doesn’t seem to be in danger of ripping further. You can see this in a close up picture. The flag has some minor soiling as well. Unfortunately this flag was stored with mothballs, so there is an odor present. I washed it twice with light detergent which helped but did not eliminate it. I heard vinegar works, but I will leave that up to the next owner.  It’s not too bad now though, you can likely make it much better just airing it out in your garage for a few days.

I don’t get these in too often so don’t wait if you are in the market.

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