SMGQ-0278 Glider Pilot DLV/NSFK dagger by David Malsch


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This is a desirable nickel example with a double property stamped scabbard throat. The first stamp is a DLV propeller stamp and then there is a NSFK Flying man. We see scabbards marked like this from time to time and they are popular with collectors. We believe these examples to be organization owned examples that needed to be restamped when the DLV transitioned over to the NSFK. The nickel fittings are in great shape overall and we have the common “K” mark on the cross guard as we would expect. This K is believed to be a mark from the casting company and is found on most daggers from all the known dagger makers.

The enameled swastika on both sides of the guard in in great shape with no chips or damage. The blade is in very good condition with no significant signs of oxidation. There are typical runner marks as can be expected. There is also signs that the blade may have been used to cut a piece of rope or something on the softer side as there are very light scuffs in one spot. The leather on the grip is heavy worn but intact. The scabbard leather is also heavily worn and shows significant damage where the belt clip would rub up against it. The belt clip is the correct style for this dagger and the leather is very stiff but shows no signs of deteriorating. The scabbard fittings are in pretty good shape with no major issues. They are tight and do not show evidence of being tampered with. The screws show some minor evidence of being turned for some type of service at some point, but they are still in good condition.

These daggers don’t come up too often. It’s not perfect, but it’s a nice honest example with desirable two organization stamps.


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