SMGQ-0323 NSDAP Pole Topper 2nd Pattern


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A fantastic 2nd pattern with the paint on the swastika in great shape! These are always made from aluminum. There is some wear over all and the eagles right wing has touched the ground as we see a little scrape there. Marked “Ges Gesch” and “Gahr” on the back. Usually these will have a RZM circle stamped in the center of the swastika on the back or code stamped in the pole collar. This one has neither, which we can attribute to a few possibilities. Since the marks were added after the mold process, it was either missed, this maker never added it anyway, or the collar was replaced. These are found with two types of collars, so it’s possible it was shipped with the shorter one that was marked and then later in it’s usable life, switched to the longer collar which i believe would be for a smaller diameter pole. Either way, a gorgeous example that is sure to please.

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