SMGQ-0357 “SchlussMachen” Allied Propaganda Leaflet “Falling Apart”


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This is a difficult to find propaganda leaflet dropped by the American Expeditionary Forces. These are more commonly found in yellow. This one is red one the obverse and black and white on the reverse.

Translated as follows:


Obverse (English): Falling Apart means: For Germany- a hard but just peace in which you will be able to live. President Roosevelt declared in his Report on the Resolutions of the tripartite Conference in Yalta: “Unconditional surrender means not the destruction or enslavement of the German people … we will not return to the mistakes of the last war, to seek redress in cash benefits that Germany can never muster. we do not want the German people to suffer or be a burden to the rest of the world.” For You- The protection of the Geneva convention. in the western front alone about 1,000,000 soldiers have been put under this protection by surrendering in countless situations. As a prisoner of war you can use the following perks: 1. immediate removal from the combat zone 2. Board from the Allied forces 3. The same hospital care as the allies 4. Regular postal service to the homeland 5. Return home as soon as possible after the end of the war If you have to surrender, discard weapons, helmet and belt. Lift your hands, Wiggle something white, and call the allied soldiers “EI Sörrender”!

Reverse (English): Moving On means: For Germany- Constantly growing devastation by material slaughter on German soil in the east and west. Annihilation the final conditions for the reconstruction after the war. For Your Family- Ever-increasing dangers of the convoluted war. Suicidal military operations, bombings, more and more food shortages, terrorist acts and finally chaos For you- Ever-growing material inferiority, in your sacrifice you alone can not do anything. A self-sacrifice at the last moment, has lost its purpose

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