SMGQ-0358 “Sondermeldung” Soviet Propaganda Leaflet WW2


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Hard to find in the USA,  Soviet Propaganda Leaflet

This aerial leaflet contains a translation of an announcement by the Soviet press agency “Novosti” on 18-03-1944.
An “update” on the situation in the south about one month later, this aerial leaflet was also used up north in Narva, Estonia.

“Special announcement”
“Losses suffered by German forces and spoils gained by the 3rd Ukranian Front between 6 and 16/3/1944.

The 3rd Ukranian Front under Gen.Malinowski completly defeated the 6th Armee under Gen.Ob. Hollidt after breaking through the German defenses at the River Ingulets and advancing till the River Jushni Bug. The main defeat came in the period of 13 to 16 march when Generalleutnant Pliev broke into the German hinterland with his Guard troops, causing the German commanders to loose control of the situation and give the order to breakout west in group or alone. In the encirclement that followed, German troops were isolated from each other and destroyed by the Russian divisions and korps with quick and brave actions. This was done with such surprise and determination that the Germans were unable to reassemble their cut off troops into a closed unit.
This gave Soviet troops the ability to destroy the separated troops in the area of Novo Sewastovol, Novo Sergeewka, Chutor Schewtschenko, Beresnegowatoje, Jawkino and Snigirewka.
In these battles, wherein total destruction of the opponent was the goal, were completly beaten and destroyed:
_3. and 97. Jäger Division / 17., 123., 125., 258., 302., 294. and 387. Infantry Division / 9. Panzer Division.
Beaten with almost complete loss of fighting capabilities:
_9., 15., 46., 62., 79, 304., 306. and 335 Infantry Division / 23. and 24. Panzerdivision / 16. Motorized Division.
Suffered heavy losses but maintain some fighting capabilities:
_76., 111., 257. and 370. Infantry Division.
Following units have lost almost all of their equipment and gear:
_45., 51., 53., 115., 127. and 140. Artillerie Regiment / 52., 77., 148., 154., 707., 711., 732., 736. and 737 Artillerie Abteilung.
_209., 232., 236., 238., 243., 277., 278. and 281. SturmGeschutz Abteilung, 560. Schwere SturmGeschütz Abteilung.
25 special units like engineer, -builder, -guard, -security, -police and marchbatallions who were thrown into battle as infantry were also defeated. In this period 13859 German soldiers and officers were captured, 36800 have fallen and lay on our soil.We captured:
_131 tanks, 74 self-propelled guns, 115 armored personel carriers and 605 motorcycles..
_678 cannons, 1646 Machineguns, 453 mortars, 10220 submachineguns and 30750 rifles.
_9100 motorvehicles (most out of order) and 517 tracked tractors.
_1500 vehicles, 2000 horses and a river steamboat.
_44 communication stations and 99 various depots.
_13 railroad transports with ammunition, 27 locomotives and 5 towing vehicles.
_28000 rounds, 2 bombdepots and stacks of ammunition boxes from 1800 wagons.
Destroyed and left behind by the Germans:
_144 tanks, 118 self-propelled guns, _88 armored person carriers and 120 motorcycles.
_540 cannons, 1458 machineguns and 559 mortars.
_6931 motorvehicles and 67 tracked tractors, 5724 vehicles and 2510 horses.
_10 airplanes and 5 assaultboats.
_20 various depots.
In total the German 6th Army lost in weapons, equipment and people: 50659 taken prisoner or killed in action, the wounded evacuated by the Germans excluded, 4510 horses, 1218 cannons, 1012 mortars, 3134 machineguns, 275 tanks, 192 self-propelled guns, 203 armored personel carriers, 16031 motorvehicles and many other warmaterials.
Only by fleeing a few staffs and small remnants of the beaten German units saved themselves.Assisting in leading operations by the 3rd Ukranian front, that resulted in the shattering of the 6th German army, was the deputy of the High Command HQ, Marshall of the Sowjetunion Wasilewski.

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