SMGQ-0416 Land customs Sword by WKC


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This is a rare Nazi Land Customs sword in aluminum. The over all length is just over 37 inches from blade tip to top of the lion’s head. The aluminum has been electrically anodized and retains it’s bright golden color on 90% of the sword. The worn areas show bare aluminum. The celluloid grip is in perfect un clean condition as well as the grip wire. The grip wire is uniformly black, so it may have been artificially darkened at the factory. The steel blade is chrome plated and show minor wear and no major dings or rust. The scabbard does show a significant amount of rust and would benefit from a good waxing to keep it from rusting further. The lion is missing one light pink eye. It has popped out of its base pin so it might not be to hard to have a Jewler glue in a new faceted glass stone to match. The missing eye stone is the only reason we don’t have this sword priced much higher.  Don’t wait. It may be a long time before you find another one of these.

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