SMGQ-0431 Prussian order of the crown 4th class Cased


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A stunning and mint condition, unworn example. They don’t get any better than this! The original ribbon has never been affixed to the loop and was tucked under the felt. The felt in the case was removed entirely by accident I’m assuming but can be re-glued easily. The felt is made to hinge up and out as to store ribbons and accoutrements. The case is nicely fitted and makes an excellent presentation. The case is in decent shape, showing wear, but having a perfectly working hinge and catch. There are no alignment issues with the case. The cross is three piece construction with the blue roundels being affixed to the base medal.

Order of the Crown was established by William I in 1861, when the accession to the Prussian throne. Had four classes. Were given as for military service, and civil. Also the Order included gold, silver and bronze medals. For military merit was awarded received the signs with the swords. The award could also be awarded with a miniature red cross for achievements in the field of health. The sign of the first class was worn on a sash over the left shoulder to the right hip, with a star on the left chest. Sign II class was worn around the neck, also with a star. The signs of the other classes on the chest. The star of the first class — an eight-pointed, star-class II — diamond-shaped. At the core of both stars is a medallion similar to the medallion on the front side of the badge. The ribbon of the order — dark blue (1865 — lighter blue) in special cases the order may be awarded on the ribbon of the Royal order of the House of Hohenzollern.

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