SMGQ-0430 Officers Austrian pickelhaube FJI plate


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Here is your opportunity to own a genuine officers  pickelhaube  with the Austrian FJI type front plate (Franz Joseph I). This is not a common helmet and would be a great firs pick up or addition to a larger collection. The helmet is priced rather low due to the damage on the original boiled leather shell. As you can see from the pictures, there is a fair amount of distortion. There is also popped stitching at the visor seam.  This helmet would make a great restoration product for someone with the proper leather working skills. The all brass fittings and adornments are in great shape out side of a small ding and dent here and there. The front plate is a three hole threaded post version with one of the sqaure nuts missing. The top spike is missing one of the threaded rivets at the base plate. The spike is two piece and easily un screws. The scaled chin strap is in good order with a what looks like a period correct split pin rivet joining the two halves above the visor. This does not seem to have the more common brass catch. The leather inside the scales seem to be in good shape especially on one side with the longer leather tie. The other side looks like the leather his damaged so the straps cannot be mated together on the chin. Following the scales back to the all brass rosettes, everything looks fine. From the inside we can see both rosettes have their original split pins and washers. All the other split pins look good from the inside as well. The leather liner looks to be in very good condition and is not dry or brittle.  Not a bad pick up if you are looking to stay under $1,000. The prices on fine condition officers versions are close to double this now.

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