SMGQ-0429 German States Oldenburg House and Merit Order of Peter Friedrich Ludwig Knight Cross 2nd Class With Crown


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This award comes in a French case as it was found. This is not the correct case. There is no ribbon. The cross shows some moderate wear and a replaced jump loop to connect the crown to the cross. We can see from the slightly bent cross loop and crown loop, that the previous jump loop was likely twisted off with force. The ribbon loop also appears to have been intentionally bent in order to wear as a neck award. (At this time, the knights cross was a breast award). This could have been an attempt by the original bearer to wear in lieu of his heavier Commanders cross that was earned. Or it could just be a ploy to pass this off as a commander cross to someone who did not know about the other differences. Either way, it is still and uncommon award and missing out of many collections. There is a bit of blue enamel missing from the center roundel.

Oldenburg House and Merit Order – Knight’s Cross 2nd Class with Crown

This order was founded on 27 November 1838 by Paul Friedrich August and was intended to commemorate the 25-year return of his father. The Order initially consisted of the classes: Grand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander and Small Crosses (from 1860 Knight’s Crosses). Attached to the Order was the General Decoration of Honour in 3 classes: Gold, Silver and Iron. The Grand Crosses were divided into crosses with golden and silver crowns in 1841. In 1856, this award for merit in the war was extended by 2 swords that went through the middle. At a higher award in peace, these were added to the ring. A golden crown was donated for the General Decoration of Honour 1st Class. In 1883, the General Decoration of Honour was renamed the Cross of Honour. In 1903 the Officer’s Cross was donated, which stands between Commander and Knight’s Cross 1st Class. The Knight’s Crosses 2nd Class were divided in 1906. Knight’s crosses 2nd class without crown could now be awarded. The last extension was the foundation of the laurel for crosses with swords in 1918.
Meaning of the dates on the arms of the cross: 17 January 1755 – Birthday of Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig, 6 July 1785 – Accession to power, 21 May 1829 – Anniversary of the Duke’s death, 27 November 1838 – Foundation of the Order.

Silver cross with white enameled cross arms and silver edges. In the middle, on both sides, an attached, round medallion with edge. Above a movable attached silver crown. The band ring passes through the orb of the crown.


  • The center shield with red enameled round ring with the inscription:
  • – ONE – GOD – ONE – RIGHT – ONE – TRUTH –
  • In the center, with silver border, on a blue, enameled background, the silver, intertwined letters – P – F – L –
  • Name of Peter Friedrich Ludwig, under a silver crown.


  • In the silver-bordered, white enameled middle shield, the Oldenburg coat of arms with coat and crown.
  • On the white enameled cross arms respectively dates.
  • bottom:- Nov. 27, 1838 -, right: – May 21, 1829 -, top: – Jan. 17, 1755 -, left: – Jul. 6, 1785 –
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