SMGQ-0460 Japanese Good Luck Flag from Imperial Veterans association


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Roughly 40×27″ Severe damage and staining. It’s priced low due to condition and so that someone will still find value in framing it, as this would be the best method to preserve it and display it.

  1. (for) Mr. Yasuji Koizumi, (ripped section at top is partial illegible) prayers for eternal good fortune in battle
  2. (for) Mr. Yasuji Koizumi, prayers for eternal good fortune in battle (almost the same as the expression at the top of the page)

3.Samuhara (this is a Japanese mythical chant that was thought to be able to ward off enemy bullets)

4. Kitayoshimimura chapter (village in Saitama Prefecture) of the Imperial Veterans Association

5. Respect for the emperor

The rest of the kani are the signatures of 71 well-wishers.

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