SMGQ-0461 Japanese Good Luck Flag Given by a Chinese man 1939


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Unusual and rare! This flag has Chinese kanji for a few of the words and the style of writing is older, indicating that the giver was likely and elderly Chinese person. There were multiple Chinese speaking Japanese colonies at the time, so this flag was likely given while in China or Taiwan. The unusual and rare red stamp is written in an ancient script (900+years old) that is very hard to translate and is only legible to temple priests who still study this writing. This is what I was told by a professional translator. So this stamp would indicate some type of temple, school or discipline.

Stamped. about 30×33″ with some water staining. No attempt to remove the stain has been made.

An amazing piece for the Japanese imperial history collector.

  1. The power of the emperor, may it reach the 8 corners of the world (it is an expression they used to convey worldwide domination)
  2. Gifted to Mr. Shouichi Furya
  3. (dated) The middle of
  4. September, 1939
  5. Midori Kosei (this seems to be the abbreviation for a school)
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