SMGQ-0475 US Navy Mark 1 WW2 Knife by Colonial Knife Corp


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Though commonly referred to a KA-BAR MK1 by the service men after the well-known KA BAR stamped knives, Colonial actually called this a “deck knife”. I’m not sure if the other MK1 producers called them the same thing. It was produced to be an all-purpose utility knife that could double as a fighting knife. Colonial knife made most of theirs with a plastic called “Tenite”. This one is the later style with the Tenite fully covering the tang on the butt end. This style also has a unsymmetrical butt end compared to an earlier version with a perfectly symmetrical butt end. The parkerized finish on the blade is all but gone, but it is in great shape otherwise. No major rust damage and a nice edge with a clean edge. There is a tiny ding on the tip. The ricasso is stamped USN on the obverse and MARK I Colonial on the reverse as it should on this model. The scabbard is the later polymer style which has a metal throat and is stamped USN MK 1 on the obverse and Nord- 2114 B.M. Co 1/2 VP on the reverse. The canvas webbing is still in great shape and the snap is fully functional. A nice piece of history here brought back from a US Navy Seabee Named Ralph Taylor who was sent to Saipan to do repairs after the battle.

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