SMGQ-0518 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger by WKC


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A late style plaster filled grip in good condition with some typical wear. No cracks, but under the pommel there is about half of the “lip” missing. This part is just a guide for the pommel and luckily doesn’t show it’s absence when its assembled. The pommel is in great shape and in high detail. The ferrule, in steel, shows some light oxidation. The cross guard has the generic preformed oakleaves on the top. You will notice a casting flaw on the swastika. We see errors like this in late period pieces from time to time as quality controls became a little more relaxed and im sure they were just trying to fill orders and materials became hard to find. The blade is pretty nice, with some small knicks on the edges and some graying to the metal. There is no major oxidation pitting. The scabbard is a star on this dagger with no denting, light oxidation and most of its dark airplane grey color. Overall, it’s not the best 2nd model out there but it’s a good starter and you can always move up from here.

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