SMGR-0005 NSV national Declaration of Honor 1944 Propaganda


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Put out by the Office Group leader of the NSV and printed on NSDAP official letterhead. Dated May 1944. The letter dives deep into the propaganda speak of the German leadership in dire times. By this time the threat from the Soviets was looming. The western front had not been opened yet, but was inevitable (and only a month away).  It’s not surprising that the language used is strictly about defeating the Bolsheviks and doing anything possible to help the cause to beat them back from German Soil. The NSV leader asks the reader to fill out the attached “Declaration of Honor”.

I do not know what this “Declaration of Honor” would have been used for, but it was likely just a psychological tool. To be honest, before this letter, I didn’t realize the extent of the NSV’s reach. With the rest of the National Socialist groups focusing on the military or being gutted by mandatory military service, I guess it makes sense that lesser groups on the totem pole would step up and try to motivate the common German patriot.  The lower portion was separated with the help of perforations along a dotted line. Interestingly, the Date is hi-lited but isn’t very modern. Modern Hi-Liter marks fade and turn brown within a short time, so I’m assuming this is an older type but still well after the war (the Yellow Hi-Liter was first invented in the 1960’s). It was likely researched by another person at some point years ago.

Another Fascinating piece of propaganda.

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