SMGR-0086 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class marked “24”


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A sweet example with a nearly mint core with the chalky type matte paint. 24= Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Plakettenhersteller. Very hard to find this maker with a nice core like this. Prices keep going up on these! Don’t Wait!


The Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Plakettenhersteller (Consortium of Hanau-based Badge Manufacturers) consisted of at least ten companies that all used the same frame and core, both of the Steinhauer & Lück (S&L) design. The frame is very similar to the one used by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Gold- und Silberschmiedeinnung (Consortium of the Hanau-based Gold and Silver Smiths’ Guild), to the point that both consortiums may have used the same die.
The crosses are of rather low quality. The paint often flakes off, the core rusts more easily than that of other makers, and the frame die developed multiple flaws over time.

Since the frame and core dies were made by S&L, they show many S&L features. The crosses are either unmarked or marked with the consortium’s PKZ number, “24”. Some crosses also feature company identification marks. These include a plus sign, a dot, an acorn in a box, a clover leaf, “O”, “+O”, “X”, “V”, “M”, and “WB”. WB most likely stands for Schmuckwarenfabrik (jewelry manufacturer) W. Behrens.

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