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Extremely Rare! This pin is outstanding, showing 100% enamel work and no major damage or scratches. You will be hard pressed to find a better example. This is sure to be one of the best pieces in any stick pin collection and we have it priced very fairly!
Marked on reverse = K 7976 ges. gesch. Deschler Mchn.9

Made by the prestigious firm of Deschler & Sohn the so called SS Supporters pin is another variant stickpin utilized by the SS, and given to financial supporters of the SS organization.

A dual purpose award given between the years of 1933-1939 the ” SS Auxiliary Members Badge” Reportedly given initially to female members of the Shutz Staffel in an auxiliary or support position and then to persons who supported through various fundraisers to the SS in meaningful denominations. In order to receive the pin the recipient would have needed to be an active member of the N.S.D.A.P or the SS itself.

Unlike the SS civilian stickpin, these are oval shaped and are of the same high quality enamel and bearing the letters “FM” short for “Fordernde Mitglieder” or supporting members. Reference states 69,000 ordered by mid 1938.

The recipient would receive a supporters I.D card, a contribution book, and a subscription to FM Zeitschrift. An SS publication.

Surviving examples of these pins and other variants make these scarce as affiliation with the SS post war could easily land them in jail or worse. Very nice items and of the typical high quality German manufacture.

Reference: J.R Cone

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