SMGL-2436 Wallet Contents of US Serviceman Richard Klingert T/5


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These fascinating contents of Mr. R. Klingerts Wallet are a genuine look into the life of a serviceman during WWII. The contents include his New jersey driver’s license, Two leave passes, Complete pay data card, A receipt from the Beresford Hotel in Glasgow, RED CROSS Accommodation and Recreation guide for Glasgow, Notes on a Beresford Hotel note sheet and a note on grey paper that seems to have some poetry on it. Also, you get a two Francs note. He made it to the end of the war and records indicate he died in 2001. We don’t know much about the man, but the house he lived in was being renovated and these items alone with a stash of Nazi medals were found in a wall during a renovation. Along with the Stash of medals was a small medics tool kit. The papers a fragile, so be mindful when you get them. They will be shipped folded, as they were found. His wallet unfortunately deteriorated and was not salvageable.

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