SMGL-24729 SS Fuhrer Ausweis for Dr. Kinkelin, Wilhelm Brigadefuhrer+ promotion transcript & German archive Research


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WOW! Where do I start with this guy! First of all, I mean, its an Ausweis from a Brigadefuhrer! Second, you get a genuine war time transcript regarding his promotion signed by an RMBO employee. You also get the full file on this guy from the German archives (contact us if you need specifics). Robert E. Mc Divitt Research Services. Pages and pages of paper copies from the files for you to dive into and research. Here, we see a paper copy of his SS Ring Award Doc, a copy of his Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse document and multiple pictures of Alfred Rosenberg at an event that Kinkelin attended (he is in one picture).>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So who was this guy?? Kinkelin was the main guy in charge of Colonization policy for Rosenberg’s eastern ministry. He is involved with several high level papers, and research that carved policy for race and resettlement in eastern Europe as well as other race related articles. You can find multiple sources with his name involved. In short…this guy was a bad dude and a significantly important high leader in the SS. If you do a search you will find that another well known website had the original copy of his SS ring document and pictures of this exact Ausweis and the same event pictures. So to me, without knowing the full chain of sales and owners, both the Ausweis and ring document were once in the hands of one dealer or collector and broken up. I would assume other documents are out there as well. It would be amazing to see these documents together again! A truly rare and desirable Ausweis! From the Jay Gillespie collection.

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