SMGL-24729 SS Fuhrer Ausweis for Theodor Sorg + archive documents


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Extremely rare Ausweis Nr. 181 268. Sorg was in the Schutspolizei (Schupo). Comes with complete national Archives Microfiche File (paper copies) consisting of over 140 pages of Documents Including THIS ID!Robert E. Mc Divitt Research Services.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sorg was born 9 November 1914 in Menugen-Wuttenburg. He joined the SS on 1 March 1939 after service in the Reichswehr in 1934 and the Polizei as an Oberleutnant. The 1939 Dienstalterliste indicates that he was released so that he could serve in the Waffen SS Polizei. He spoke French and English. He served in Das Reich. His promotions were as follows: 1. Untersturmfuhrer Stammabt. Doau Bez 89 1 March 1938 2. Obersturmbahnfuhrer SS Polizei Division 1 March 1942 3. Hauptsturmfuhrer SS Polizei Division 30 January 1942 4. Sturmbahnfuhrer SS Polizei Division 21 June 1944. The national archive file indicates that he was awarded: The Julleuchter, The SA Spots badge in bronze, horse riders badge in bronze, DRL Sports badge in bronze, DLRG badge in bronze, Iron cross first and second classes, Eastern Front medal. All the info has already been researched and is at your disposal for enjoyment. From the Jay Gillespie collection.

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