SMGM-0203 RLB Leader Dagger 2nd Pattern by Paul Weyersberg & Co.


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Here is a chance to own an uncleaned example of this rare dagger! The scabbard fittings are all heavy nickel-plated steel and are in great shape, with some average wear and the tiniest evidence of plate lifting and oxidation. The scabbard leather is ins pretty good shape but has worn on what would be the bottom side when in suspension. This is from the bottom of the dagger coming into contact with things while worn and sitting down. Typical to see on these daggers. This area has been touched up with something, most likely shoe polish, but it’s hard to say. The rest of the scabbard leather is in very good shape, so i don’t think a restoration would be in order for this example. The grip leather is nearly perfect with only some small signs of wear. The enamel on the swastika has chipped some, which again is common on these daggers due to the way the emblem sits proud of the grip. The cross guard and pommel are of the solid nickel variety and have been untouched. You can the dark areas are remnants of the silver finish that has oxidized. Although polishing it is possible, i think this dagger is well suited to stay in uncleaned form. The blade is in good shape with no heavy oxidation or pitting. It does show signs of light surface oxidation that had been knocked down with a coarse abrasive. It’s hard to say if it would have been better left untouched as it was clearly done a long time ago. That being said, there are hair line abrasion marks running length wise down the blade and most of the original cross graining has been lost. These daggers are hard to find in good condition and i would rate this one in better than average condition despite its flaws. A fine example for your collection.

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